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Several succulent halophytes, with articulated segments have been anatomically investigated: Sarcocornia fruticosa L. Scott, Arthrocnemum macrostachyum Moric. These species have been collected from Spain, in The nature of articulated segments is still disputed from anatomical point of view, a caulinar or îmbunătățirea rezultatelor pierderilor în greutate origin being suggested during time.

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These structures, as well the succulence are discussed as adaptations of halophytes to environmental conditions. Key words: halophytes, anatomy, ecology. În lucrarea de faŃă, am supus investigaŃiei anatomice următoarele specii de halofite suculente, cu segmente articulate, din familia Chenopodiaceae: Sarcocornia fruticosa L. Natura segmentelor articulate este încă disputată din punct de vedere anatomic, ridicându-se problema dacă acestea au origine caulinară sau foliară.

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Aceste structuri, precum şi prezenŃa suculenŃei, au fost interpretate în sensul adaptărilor halofitelor la condiŃiile complexe de mediu. Cuvinte cheie: halofite, anatomie, ecologie. In the present paper, we continue the anatomical and ecological research In the Mediterranean region, the halophytic communities represent two botanic slimming iara — those that belong to the maritime salt marshes and those that belong to the salt deserts Chapman, Moreover, as already stated, Mediterranean salt marshes provide special ecological conditions, controlling the spatial distribution of vegetation; this is related to the predominance of several environmental factors and to adaptive set of halophytes Grigore, Toma, Boşcaiu, These have been collected in July offrom a coastal salt marsh from Alicante Spania.

Anatomical investigations were conducted following the method standardized by our group from Faculty of Biology, Iasi for an extended description of this method, see: Grigore, Toma and Boşcaiu, In Arthrocnemum macrostachyum, in the external cortex of unarticulated stem long or very long brachysclereids are dispersed; these are perpendicular on the epidermis, simple omega 3 slabire branched especially at the botanic slimming iarawith a thick and lignified wall.

At the limit between the external cortex and the middle one there are located very small vascular bundles, with spiral xylem vessels disposed on a circle.

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There follows a special type of cork area Fig. The phelloderm forms a thick area with cells disposed in radial rows having the tangential walls moderately thickened. The stele comprises rings of vascular bundles Figs. The phloem appears like cellulosic isles surrounded by sclerenchyma and the xylem of the conducting vessels. On the internal face of the first ring, that is, close to the medulla, there are six vascular bundles Fig.

In the cortex of articulated succulent segment, there are many stereides Fig. This author considers the stereides and 20 tracheoidioblasts see below as homologous structures.

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ManginMonteil and Mateu Andrés also evidenced them in A. Botanic slimming iara is interesting that Chermezon did not botanic slimming iara mentioned stereides in A.

The stele consists of five lignified rings, with phloem isles; in the lignified part of each ring, vessels towards outside and sclerenchyma fibres towards inside are noticed Fig. When analysing more thoroughly, they seem to be vascular bundles surrounded by sclerenchymatic fibres with extremely thick and intensely lignified wall. In the central part, four xylem and phloem bundles can be found Fig.

The stele of unarticulated stem is very thick, resulting mainly from the activity of the supernumerary cambia. In the central area, internal vascular bundles, with little phloem sieved tubes and companion cells and a little more xylem lignified parenchyma cells and vessels can be observed; on the internal face of each bundle there is a cellulosic parenchyma arch, in whose thickness are visible several vessels or remains of primary xylem which have a little thickened and poorly lignified wall Fig.

The central, internal area is thicker, forming an aqueous parenchyma Fig. According to some botanists Chermezon, this internal cortical layer would represent the upper epidermis of leaf fused with the stem.

In the thickness of the xylem body, one can distinguish rings of different thickness, with larger vessels in their internal side, all with very much libriform made of fibres with an extremely thick and heavily lignified wall.

The root axis has narrower vessels, scattered irregularly in the libriform mass.

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From the analysis of this material, one can estimate the number of supernumerary cambia Fig. The stele of unarticulated stem is thick, with a structure more similar to the one of the root, predominant being the sclerified and lignified part.

In fundamental mass represented by a significant quantity of libriform fibres with an extremely thick and botanic slimming iara wall numerous and very small islands of phloem, and very few vessels which differentiate by the fibrous elements only that they are slightly wider can be observed Fig. The centre of the stem is occupied by an air-storing cavity of irregular outline.

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As in the root, the presence of the phloem islands embedded in the compact 22 mass of xylem in which clearly predominates the libriform shows the same activity as of several supernumerary cambia, although initially the structure was a primary one, with vascular bundles around the medulla. Internal zone is thicker, of water-storage parenchyma Fig. In the thickness of palisade tissue, tracheoidioblasts can be observed Fig. Scattered among these shrubs Salicornia can be found; it is an annual plant, with similar ecological preferences as the other two species.

All the species are succulent, at the level of articulated segments; succulence is a typical adaptation in halophytes, with role in dilution of concentrated salts and water storage, since these habitats are affected by physiological drought Grigore and Toma, In addition, these adaptations reveal the close affinity for environmental factors, an interrelation built during co-evolution process plantsaline environment.

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Activity conducted by M. Chapman V. Cramer 2. Chermezon H. Fraine E. Grigore M. Elemente de anatomie integrativă.

Pim, Iaşi 5. Aspecte de anatomie ecologică.

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Mangin L. Mateu Andres I. Candollea, 44 2p. Monteil P. Oilseed rape is considered to be nowadays one of the most important oilseed plant due to its large utilizations in human nutrition, animal feed and biofuels production Rygulla şi colab.

The aim of this study was to analyze the main morphological traits at 65 oilseed rape cultivars in order to make their morphological characterization.


During the vegetation period, some observations had been made in order to determine: the plant height, the number of branches, number of pods per plant and weight of a thousand grains. The obtained results showed that the studied material has a large phenotypic diversity.

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Key words: oilseed rape, morphological traits, phenotypic evaluation Rezumat. RapiŃa Brassica napus L. Scopul acestui studiu a fost evaluarea principalelor caractere morfologice a 65 botanic slimming iara cultivare de rapiță de toamnă în vederea caracterizării fenotipice.

Pentru realizarea acestui lucru, cele 65 de cultivare de rapiță au fost semănate in câmp, în anul agricol la SCDA Secuieni. In timpul perioadei de vegetație s-au facut observații pentru a determina următoarele caractere morfologice: înălțimea plantelor, numărul de ramificații, numărul mediu de silicve pe planta si masa a o mie de boabe.

Due to its many uses oilseed rape started to be one of the most cultivated crop worldwide. Botanic slimming iara information about the phenological traits, yield components and seed yield of Brassica are very important in the breeding program to develop 1 University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iasi, Romania 25 oilseed rape varieties that are better adapted to target production areas Rameeh, ; Ali et al.

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The aim of this study was to analyze botanic slimming iara main morphological traits at 65 oilseed rape cultivars which will provide valuable information for the future studies to obtain some oilseed rape cultivars which are better adapted to the climatic conditions from our country. The details about this are presented in table1. The oilseed rape cultivars were sown in the field in the year in order to make the necessary observation regarding the morphological traits.

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