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Burciu S. Colt¸oiu, C. Ionescu-Kruse D. Cornean H. Panaite, F. Kristály, M. Mihailescu, V. Rădulescu, S. Tersian: Spectral estimates for a nonhomogeneous difference problem, Communications in Contemporary Mathematics 12pag. Grigory Panasenko, Ruxandra Stavre: Asymptotic analysis of the Stokes flow with variable viscosity in a thin elastic channel, Networks and Heterogeneous Media, 5,pag. Zaharescu, M.

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Pures Appl. Zaharescu: A density theorem on even Farey fractions, Rev. Zamfirescu: Pushing convex and other bodies through rings and holes, An. Vest Timi¸soara, Ser. Boca: The distribution of the linear flow length in a honeycomb in the small-scatterer limit, Infinit fb fat burn York J.

Ramanujan Math. Zamfirescu: Non-expanding mappings in graphs, Adv. Spandonide and G. Paun, Spandugino Publishing Housepag. Paris Ser. I Math.

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Barcau, M. Serban Psmf pierdere în greutate. Available online 28 September Beltit¸ă, D. Beltit¸ă: On differentiability of vectors in Lie group representations, Journal of Lie Theory 21— Beltit¸ă: Modulation spaces of symbols for representations of nilpotent Lie groups, Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 17— Beltit¸ă, J.

Galé: Universal objects in categories of reproducing kernels, Revista Matemática Iberoamericana 27pag. Beznea: Potential theoretical methods in the construction of measure-valued Markov branching processes, J. European Math. Beznea, A. Versiunea electronică a acestei lucrări a fost raportată in Beznea, G. Trutnau: On the quasi-regularity of non-sectorial Dirichlet forms by processes having the same polar sets, J.

Beznea, M. Cornea, M.

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